G Tower

“Reach for the top!”

Functionality Comfort Accessibility Security Space Prestige Community

The place where modern city people live is one of the most important factors determining their quality of life.

The contemporary urban residence is defined by a number of key criteria which are determined by architectural means to various degrees. The functionality of the residence, the comfort it provides to its inhabitants and the required ample space depend entirely on the specific architecture.

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Accessibility and prestige are determined mainly by the location but architecture may redefine their role and introduce new qualities to the location. By means of modern architecture the professionals seek solutions to sensitive issues such as security of the residents and formation of local communities.

We combine all of these key characteristics in a project that corresponds to our prestige and reputation as an investor and builder.

We use all the potential of the location and most of all – the beautiful views of the Vitosha Mountain and the city. Driven by the literary translation of “Montevideo” – “I see far and wide”, we created a project providing unique views from each residence in the building.