“I see far and wide all that can be seen”
Montevideo Street: All that can be seen with the eyes
“Montevideo is a street in the capital neighbourhood of Ovcha Kupel. It is named after the Uruguayan capital, and the name literally means “I can see far and wide all that can be seen”. In this sense, there is no better name for this particular street of Sofia. In it you can really see everything. Tickling amazement from educational establishments, new blocks of flats, heavy traffic and numerous large and small shops and fast food restaurants. The New Bulgarian University, several secondary schools, Lyuben Karavelov University of Construction, and the Francophone Institute are located here. The Sisters of the Eucharist Monastery, a female Catholic monastery complex, is situated in this street too. “Santa Mierda!” (Good gracious!) as Uruguayans would say.”

Map Public TransportThis quote shows the diversity in the image of the location – a live Sofia street, which has a great potential for development in the future. The property is located in the immediate vicinity of the New Bulgarian University, a strong pull factor of attraction for students and young families. The proximity to the ring road provides a very good communication access. The lack of other similar complexes in the neighbourhood gives the project the advantage to mark and redefine the characteristics of the location.

Although it is located 6 km from the centre of Sofia, the proximity of the neighbourhood to the mountain, the easy access, the clean air and the renewing infrastructure make it one of the most preferred locations for permanent residence.

The following routes pass through the neighbourhood: trams 11 and 19 and buses 11, 45, 60, 73, and 102. In the near future the third diameter of Sofia underground will run through the neighbourhood.